The Wilton Estate Today



Wilton Estate is approximately one-third of what it was in the 1870’s, and today it comprises 5,870 Hectares (14,500 Acres) extending over the valleys of the Wylye and Nadder rivers, with the largest wood in the south of England, Grovely Wood, surmounting the hill between the two valleys.

The social economic and political changes of the past 150 years, combined with the changes brought about by the two World Wars, have necessitated the introduction of modern management techniques in order to ensure the long-term survival of the Estate. While farming and the letting of farms, residential and commercial properties still form the traditional core of Estate businesses, recent years have seen the establishment of tourist-related retail operations, Salisbury Racecourse, South Wilts Golf Course  and latterly Wilton Estate Developments Ltd and Wilton Estate Renewables Ltd.

Community involvement has always been important for the Estate, and this continues with the Estate running the Michael Herbert Hall in conjunction with the Town Council of Wilton, as well as providing facilities for village halls and recreational grounds in many other villages. Perhaps one of the most successful community projects is the Wilton branch of the Riding for the Disabled, which has a magnificent indoor riding facility run by the local branch of the charity.