Wilton House Trust was established as a charity in July 1983, to preserve Wilton House, its contents, gardens and park for the public benefit into the future, and affords the opportunity for cultural and educational visits to this great, historic house and its extraordinary art collections.

The charity raises income from admission charges to visitors to the House and grounds and the repair, restoration and maintenance of the fabric of the buildings…

Community Involvement
This has always been important for the Estate, and this continues with the Estate running the Michael Herbert Hall in conjunction with the Town Council of Wilton, as well as providing facilities for village halls and recreational grounds in many other villages. Perhaps one of the most successful community projects is the Wilton branch of the Riding for the Disabled, which has a magnificent indoor riding facility run by the local branch of the charity:

The flying of drones is not permitted at any time over the Wilton Estate.

Approval may be granted to event organisers who satisfy stringent CAA criteria; have the correct licence, insurance and risk assessment documentation and are operating under controlled conditions.